The Adidas Game of Thrones UltraBoosts Are Coming (in 2019)

Inspired by the HBO fantasy TV series, Adidas is releasing a GoT-themed collection. With the next (and final) season of the series is due next year, winter couldn’t come any quicker. The Adidas Game of Thrones UltraBoosts collection drops sometime in 2019.

Adidas Game of Thrones

According to the 9.5/10 IMDb rating, one can tell that Game of Thrones is a globally adored series. With ratings that high, Adidas knew it would be stupid not to feed off that fame. This is pretty much like they’re doing with the Dragon Ball Z collection, but better.

Thanks to the Yeezy Mafia, and their detailed mockups, we have six UltraBoosts coming our way. Hopefully, we’ll finally know what it’ll feel like now that Winter is Coming. In the collection are the Houses of Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen, and three more UltraBoosts representing the Night’s Watch, White Walkers, and Dany’s dragons. Ugh, such anticipation for the show to air in 2019 and the sneakers to release.

1- House Stark

The House Stark UltraBoost sports Wolf Grey uppers (like the Stark Direwolves), black accents, black Boost outsoles and is complete with “Winter is Coming” tag on the heel.

2 – House Lannister

House Lannister of King’s Landing get’s the royal treatment with gold accents on the upper. The red color is unmistakably that of the Lannisters and as their sigil is a lion, the heel tag reads, “Hear Me Roar.”

3- House Targaryen

Known for having silver hair, the House Targaryen UltraBoost is white with silver details all over and withing. The shoe is completed with a heel tag that reads, “Fire and Blood.”

4- Adidas Game of Thrones House Targaryen Dragons

It would be an insult to the Mother of Dragons if we didn’t see her “little” ones get a pair of UltraBoosts. Smoked out black for the most part, the shoe features a firey PrimeKnit. Belonging to House Targaryen, the heel tag also reads, “Fire and Blood.”

5- The Night’s Watch

Somehow you can imagine a brother of the Night’s Watch wearing these UltraBoosts, with a white Boost, toe, and heel as if covered in snow. In addition, the black speckled upper represents the night sky.

6- White Walkers

Finally, the ice cold UltraBoosts with icy blue accents to represent the peircing eyes of a White Walker, and the ominous “Winter Is Here” tag.

What a way to tribute such a crowd-pleasing show. Fans are both excited yet have that bittersweet feeling that their favorite series will end. But that’s okay because we’ll have more time to catch up on other shows. Speaking of tributes, check out Pharrell Williams’ ode to the motherland, Africa, in his NMD Solar Pack.

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