Adidas Retro These Old-School Silhouettes in 2018

With the dad shoe trend taking control this year, Adidas found the perfect opportunity to retro some of its old-school silhouettes. When they first dropped, sneakerheads didn’t welcome them with arms wide open. At least not as wide as they would today. Sneakerheads didn’t welcome the Yeezy 700 Wave Runners at first either. But the trend is growing and taking over, making bulky shoes more acceptable and even fashion forward. For example, the Yung-1 is just one Adidas retro that we’ll see release this year.


Adidas Retro the Falcon Dorf aka the Yung-1

The Adidas Originals Yung-1 is an Adidas retro of the Falcon Dorf. At first, the world thought this shoe had something to do with the Dragon Ball Z x Adidas collab. But it turns out this is just the OG colors of the Falcon Dorf. It was first created in 1997 as a sports shoe or runners. Adidas runners dubbed it the Falcon Dorf after the name of a small village they would pass every day on their run, Falkendorf.

To cater to the women, the brand with the three stripes decided to take this silhouette and create the Adidas Falcon. The shoe takes on a more feminine twist as from the Falcon Dorf, Yung-1. Although women would love to have what the boys wear, this is their exclusive pair:

adidas-retro womens


Adidas Retro the Temper Run

The Adidas Originals Temper Run is from 2014, and it was then inspired by vintage shoes. As you can imagine, it may not have done nearly as well in sales as it could do now. What’s a more perfect time for this Adidas retro?

On May 5th, there was an exclusive release of two colorways of the Temper Run at the Adidas store in Hanbury Street, London.  But now it seems as though we should expect more colorways to drop, according to sneaker leaker, @py_rates.

adidas retro b

In addition, Adidas is also bringing back the Micropacer and mashing it up with the NMD R1. The Micropacer was an iconic shoe from 1984 that was the first smart shoe. It could calculate calorie burn and pace and distance of running. It’s 2018 rendition will be known as the Futurepacer.

adidas retro the micropace


Adidas is keeping that authentic vintage vibe with its retros. Even the colorways in both silhouettes are old-school. Yet some of the muted colors could still be worn years for years to come. Keep your eyes open for these will most likely release later this year.


Pusha T Confirms Drake’s Adidas Deal in “The Story of Adidon”

In recent news, things get beefier than ever between artists Pusha T and Drake when Pusha T drops his latest diss track, “The Story of Adidon” along with a photo of Drake in blackface. But it may reveal some truth to the fate of Drake’s career.

Drake vs. Jordan Brand

Some background – For some time now, there have been ongoing rumors that Drake’s deal with Jordan Brand will be a thing of the past. The reason being that the artist needs more creative freedom than the brand is giving him. And since then, The Child’s been seen wearing Adidas more often.

Clearing out June

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Pusha T vs. Drake

The two have taken subliminal shots at each other through their music since 2011. But nothing out of proportion like Pusha T just did following the release of his DAYTONA album.

Pusha T’s song “Infrared” prompts Drake to quickly respond with “Duppy Freestyle” to which Pusha T responds with “The Story of Adidon,” which may have taken the rap battle to a whole new level. Things escalated too quickly.

“The Story of Adidon” throws shade at Drake’s family situation and his mixed cultural background. He even makes a (rather heartless) comment about the sickness of his friend, Shebib, who’s an OVO producer.

Most importantly though, is the mention of Adidon. In the lyrics, Pusha T claims that Drake is hiding a son named Adonis. And he makes remarks about the mother of Drake’s hidden baby. Bars that reveal this information allude to a possible Adidas deal.

Drake & Adidas

We already anticipate that Drake will be moving his fashion line from Jordan Brand to Adidas in the near future. But with “The Story of Adidon,” it was confirmed. And the fact was locked tight in a clip from this interview Pusha T just had with The Breakfast Club, listen below:

Drake’s Adidas Brand has a name thanks to @kingpush …

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So Drake’s Adidas brand will be called Adidon, a mix of his alleged son’s name, Adonis, and the brand name Adidas. If Drake indeed has a son and is waiting to drop his Adidas line in order to reveal it, then we anticipate that Drake will have to do a lot of fo damage control.

He already released a statement on his IG story regarding the blackface photograph but made no comment about the song’s lyrics. It’s only a matter of time until Push T receives a formal response, and we’re all waiting to hear it.


7 Upcoming Yeezy Releases in Summer/Autumn 2018

Sometimes you’re asleep all year only to wake up just for Yeezy releases. The Yeezy season has proven time and time again that it is worth the wait. While Kanye West is acting up lately, with his Slavery comments, we’re still stoked for the upcoming Yeezy releases during this summer and fall.

Previous Yeezy Releases in 2018

In 2018, we saw the Yeezy 500 in action. Of all the Yeezy releases, the Super Moon Yellow has a strange one. A well thought out marketing trick, the yellow-tinted Yeezy 500 dropped as part of a bundle. The bundle came with a hoodie and sweat shorts like Kim Kardashian wore in the paparazzi styled snapshots, which inspired the #YeezySeason6 Kim lookalike photos. Forking up $760 for the bundle was your only shot at getting the shoes.

Soon after, the Yeezy 500 Blush became available to only those who were at the 747 Warehouse St event, NBA All-Star Weekend. Event exclusive Yeezy releases suck. If you weren’t there, you’re only able to buy the shoes from StockX, and it was expensive. However, it eventually saw a restock on April 14 and today the Yeezy 500 Blush is almost at retail price on StockX.

Upcoming Yeezy Releases in 2018


As of now, two Yeezys are reportedly dropping next month. First of all, the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow will release again and the date is Saturday, June 9 according to Yeezy Mafia.


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Secondly, the Yeezy 350 V2 is coming back this summer that with the Butter colorway that may drop sometime in June.

In hand look at the next YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 "Butter" Cop or Drop ?

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While we just had the bright colorway of the Super Moon Yellow, we’re getting a dark Yeezy 500. It’s the first dark colored Yeezy 500 set to drop. It will release on Saturday, July 7.


Also, the Yeezy Mafia tell us to expect the Yeezy 350 V2 Cream Whites to make a comeback this July.


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Another very hyped Yeezy is the 350 V2 in Sesame colorway which supposedly drop in August.



Finally, we have a new silhouette, the Yeezy 700 V2 and it’s reportedly to drop in Autumn.

YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 Approved colorway for FALL 2018 Thoughts ?

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Seems like the Salt colorway is just a mockup for now, but if this dope color drops, it’s set to drop in October.


In conclusion, regardless of how you feel about Kanye, you still gotta love those shoes. Good luck copping this summer and fall!


Will the Yeezy Boost 700 V2 make up for Kanye’s slavery comment?

The crowd has been on an off about how to feel towards Kanye since he came back to Twitter. His online rants – yet entertaining – seem to go on and on without end. And his “slavery sounds like a choice” comment sure got things heated up. But maybe tweeting about the Yeezy Boost 700 V2 could get him back on track? Right? meh…


Kanye West’s Reputation

According to his tweets, Ye feels like he’s finally out of the “sunken place” and he’s not afraid of any form of self-expression. His rants on Twitter are allegedly in the service of promoting love and understanding. But what’s to say of his comments in a TMZ interview when he said that 400 years of slavery sounds like a choice?


People started using the hashtag #SlaveryWasAChoice mocking his comment:


As a response to that comment, someone made a petition asking Adidas to let go of West. More than 20,000 people have signed it and people are still signing it every day to reach 25,000 names.

Event Shutdown

Usually, with Kanye’s name, there’s a long line of impatient hypebeasts at any storefront. That wasn’t the case with the Yeezy x 2XU event in Sydney. Because barely anyone showed up, the event had to close down.

Snoop Dogg

An appalled Snoop Dogg even photoshopped a picture of Kanye West as a white man.

The new. Kanye well allwhite now way to go dude

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Tweeting: Yeezy Boost 700 V2

Despite the backlash, Kanye’s show must go on. Taking to Twitter, he kept his responses short and apologized for nothing. He continued to use the internet to share information with us about things happening over at the Yeezy company. That’s when he shared the latest silhouette from Adidas Yeezy.

Among his 2018 releases (sometimes questionable), the Yeezy Boost 700 V2 gets deserves a thumbs up for trying. He even mentioned that the new rendition of the Wave Runner’s silhouette will drop in Q4, which is some time between October and December.

And as usual, this isn’t the first time we get a look at the 700 V2. However, it’s the first time we get confirmation from the man himself about the name and colorway. However, we’re not sure how to feel about that colorway. What can compete with the fresh Wave Runner colors?

Although he told Charmalagne that he’s on all kinds of drugs, would you forgive the man? Well, if you do let him off for his mindless comments, or if you care only about the shoes, you should keep your head up for a grey suede colorway hitting stores in Fall/Winter. The white one is clean as well but has some white Yung-1 vibes. What do you think?


Get an Eyeful of These Pharrell Williams Adidas Sneakers

Artist Pharrell Williams has an intense love of color, that’s facts. And it couldn’t be more obvious than with these new Pharrell Williams Adidas sneakers. These shoes absolutely taste the rainbow as if they were made of a bag of Skittles.

Following the light pastel powdery colors of the NMD HU Holi Pack are these Pharrell Williams Adidas shoes. Both shoes come dressed in bold colors that are reminiscent of the first PW NMD HU Race.


2 Pharrell Williams Adidas Sneakers



The shoes in the photograph above were first spotted on the feet of Pharrell himself in late 2017. When Pharrell Williams collabs with Adidas, NMD usually follows his name. But these shoes are not NMDS. These are called the Adidas Solar HU Glide ST, a new silhouette that features Boost.

It has an UltraBoost-like PrimeKnit upper with colors orange, yellow, red, green, purple, and a pop of blue. A black sole divider sits between the upper and a full white boost midsole, finished off with a contrasting rubber outsole.

The trademark triangle HU branding is sewn onto the toe box and also patched on the collar lining. The sneaker’s look is complete with Adidas branding on the tongue. Furthermore, the pair comes with three shoelaces colors: black, white, and yellow.

They have a similar boldness as that of the Boost You Wear that dropped during the 747 Warehouse St event. Based on StockX this shoe makes resellers a good $500 on average. And speaking of BYW, these new kicks (below) look like they were inspired by a collab with Google!



In the image above, the Crazy BYW is yet another Pharrell Williams Adidas sneakers. Williams himself was rocking these in China for the debut of his latest NMD China Pack dropping this May. The words on the upper are “Gratitude” and “Empathy”.

These photos are definitely due to change. For the meantime, how are you feeling about these? Loving the solid colors? Hating the HU branding on the upper? Waiting to see different colorways? A lot of people are saying that these shoes are inspired by clown shoes, but what do you think?


adidas Solar HU Glide ST #godlvlplug

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Stay tuned as we unravel more information about Pharrell’s new shoes! And if you want more Adidas news, check out this fiery Yung 1!


Adidas Yeezy 500 Release Dates As Rumored By Yeezy Mafia

The Yeezy Mafia take to the internet to continue sharing the news with their rumor thirsty sneakerhead followers. The latest Tweets show dates for two hype Yeezy 500 releases. Guys, it’s going to be hot this summer!

The two upcoming Adidas Yeezy 500 sneakers are the true contrast of one another. One is completely light colored while the other is all black. They both follow the same monochromic scheme that is relative to all Yeezys lately.


Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow

Back when it was called the Desert Rat, this particular colorway had a story of its own. Kanye cleverly used his loving wife, Kim Kardashian, to market his apparel line when the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow on foot. A bundle was sold on Yeezy Supply for a sweater, bike shorts, and the sneakers for $760. For the heavy price of $760, the average resale price of $400 does no justice to the resellers.

This colorway will drop on Saturday, June 9 for $200.


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Yeezy 500 Utility Black

In contrast to its predecessor, the Yeezy 500 Utility Black has no fishy story. At least not an official one by Kanye and Yeezy Supply. However, the Yeezy Mafia did pull an April fool’s prank on gullible sneakerheads by posting that the shoe was up for sale for 12.345,000 euros. Luckily, fans were quick to catch on to the joke. And now they know how long to wait.

This somber colorway will drop on Saturday, July 7 for $200.


The Future of Yeezy 500

According to the Yeezy Mafia, we may be welcoming another two Yeezy 500 colorways in Fall 2018. The deep purple upper sitting on a gum sole is the Yeezy 500 “Ultraviolet” and the all-white “Salt” dropping in October.

YEEZY 500 SALT EE7287 October 2018 Thoughts on this new colorway ?

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Moreover, Kanye West’s back on Twitter, and he’s finally taking us into his lab. Recently shared several images of new colorways. One of those is an image of some brighter colored Yeezy 500s.

They definitely stick to the same purple-ish side of the Ultraviolets. They’re far better than the Yeezy slides, and we can’t wait for them to drop, along with some fresh 350 V2s dropping this year.


Adidas Originals’ Yung1 is on fire!

Remember back in January when Kanye was spotted wearing sneakers that look so similar to white Wave Runner 700s? We were all like what are those? That was the first on-feet look at the Adidas Originals Yung1. We may be seeing this silhouette dropping soon for retail.

Thanks to leaker @py_rates, there may be a potential release date for Adidas’ new Wave Runner-esque silhouette, the Yung1. Rather than the monochrome neutral colorway that Kanye rocked, rumors are that an orange pair could drop on June 20, 2018.

We first heard of the Yung1 when it was announced to drop in a Frieza inspired colorway as part of the Dragon Ball Z x Adidas collaboration. But to be quite honest, this orange fiery silhouette looks a lot like the Super Saiyan Goku. What do you think?

yung 1 goku possibly


Falcon Dorf to Yung1

Till Jagla, the Global Creative Director at Adidas writes that this is the “Return of the Falcon Dorf” which he said was created in 1997 for runners. The Adidas running team named it the Falcon Dorf after a small village they’d run pass every day called, Falkendorf.

Jagla believes that this old silhouette truly celebrates the older generation of sneakerheads. And in the wake of the dad shoe trend these days, Adidas took the opportunity to revive the Falcon Dorf. New, improved, and now named the Yung1, it stands alongside the likes of hyped Adidas kicks, like the Yeezys.

Our opinion: These kicks look pretty fresh fam! If you couldn’t pick up the Wave Runners, or if you just want to add on to that dad shoe collection, then don’t sleep on these!

While we can’t confirm release information about the clean white and grey model, or this red and navy one, look out for the bold orange colorway that’s set to drop for €130 on June 20, 2018, according to @py_rates. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the Yeezy 500 Utility Black dropping in June as well.

HEAVEN #yung1 @adidasparis #adidasyung1

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The Ultimate List of Predicted Nike x Off White Releases in 2018

What a juicy week for Nike x Off White releases!

Virgil Abloh is one very busy man. How he juggles all this work, no one knows. Abloh is Kanye West’s longtime creative director, much before he became the founder of his own brand, Off White. Today, he’s proudly the first African American to become Men’s Fashion Artistic Director at Louis Vuitton. But, of course, sneakerheads know him best for his work on 10 loved Nike shoes.

The Nike x Off White was the spotlight collaboration of 2017. But just how many shoes is Virgil planning to release in The Ten part collection V2? As the Nike x Off White collaboration continues this year, we have the same silhouettes but seeing more colors.


Predicted Nike x Off White Releases

The white on white Off White x Air Jordan 1 dropped earlier this year. But that was just the beginning of many Nike x Off White shoes waiting to release. @Py_rates are truly the plug when it comes to limited sneaker and specifically Nike releases. Several different informed leakers rely on their posts. They could almost be the “Yeezy Mafia” of Nike drops. The following information is provided by their account.


Nike x Off White Air Vapormax

The black version of this shoe released late last month, while the white version will see its release among several hyped sneakers dropping on Saturday, April 14th.

Converse x Off White

Ah, the one that never dropped is finally dropping and the release date is rumored to be May 10th! Mark your calendars!


Off White x Air Jordan 1

The world will be blessed with the third Off White Air Jordan 1 to release. Initially, it was thought to come in a UNC blue colorway, but py_rates are providing us with a better mockup featuring a dark powder blue instead. Truly a unique pair of Jays. The predicted release date is some time next month, retailing for $190.

Nike x Off White Air Force 1 ’07

Another shoe that’s likely to drop in May is this. The Nike X Off White Air Force 1.



Nike x Off White Blazer Studio Mid

Not one, not two, but THREE colorways of the Nike Blazer Studio Mid?! That’s interesting. Last year we saw the white colorway release. This year we start with the Vanilla pair. To be quite honest, it looks like leftover white pairs that got dirty. But these are just mockups and the real deal will definitely have some differences. That one will supposedly release in July.


Following the dirty vanilla pair will come the most dope one of them three, the Wolf Grey colorway. It’s set to release in September alongside the Black pair which is also pretty decent.


Nike x Off White Zoom Fly

The October Nike x Off White releases are many. We start with the Zoom Fly which a black pair of the white one that released in The Ten part 1.

But that’s not all for the Zoom Fly, get an eyeful of these bright pink kicks! Anyone say Breast Cancer Awareness month? That’s also in October! But we’re just guessing here. Who knows when these will actually release? No date has been confirmed yet.


Off White Nike Air Force 1 Low

Following that, the Air Force 1 Low, similar to the MoMA one that dropped before. October’s your second chance to cop it.


Nike x Off White Air Max 90

And of course, the white Air Max 90 from the Off White The 10 collection would be devastated without its black counterpart.


Off White Nike Air Max 97 OG

And finally, the last leak so far is the Air Max 97 releasing in two colorways. The black colorway will be releasing to compliment the white pair from 2017. That’s no surprise. But then we have a white one with mint accents and a grey sole, now that’s unique.


And there’s more to look forward to! According to Hypebeast, Virgil Abloh will be presenting us two new Air Prestos. One black and one white.

Stay tuned to our blog for more information regarding Nike x Off White drops as the year unravels.


Yeezy Season 6 Slides Got Us Asking, “What are those?”

There are some days when you sit in silence and think to yourself, “Wow, Kanye West is such a genius mastermind artist and designer. Someday I want to be like him. He’s an inspiration to all!” Today is not one of those days. Why? Because those Yeezy Season 6 slides got all riled up like Joey:

What Are Those GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY



Yeezy Season 6 Slides Abrupt Release

Apparently, this isn’t the first time they’ve shown up on the internet. Remember when Kanye’s faithful wife, Kim Kardashian West, modeled for her husband’s line through a series of paparazzi-style photographs? In one of the pictures, you can spot her wearing the Yeezy Season 6 slides paired with Yeezy Season 6 apparel.

But back then they didn’t get any buzz like Yeezy sneakers effortlessly do. Especially since the Yeezy 500 Super Moon Yellow was the center of attention and had influencers everywhere copycatting Kim.


Kim wearing a very shiny version of the Yeezy Season 6 slides “Flatform Slippers”

The slides recently dropped (and quickly sold out) on Yeezy Supply web store and, according to Hypebeast. They sold for around $150 and it’s only a matter of time till we start seeing them online, either for reselling purposes or for flexing’s sake. But honestly, we think they look like some camper’s inflatable mattress or this child’s car seat. Maybe, as a father, Kanye looks toward his children for inspiration. I swear that story would make these slides way easier more worth it.

And of all the Yeezys releasing this year, this one is our easy drop. Safe to say we just saved 150 bucks. But I mean people wear weird Birkenstocks all the time, so what’s to say about those who wear something Yeezy- however questionable they look.


Yeezys Dropping Suddenly

The drop for these was very sudden and came without warning. Similar to the suede Desert Rat boots that popped up in different stores late last month. So what’s the deal with Yeezy items dropping randomly in different places?

Could this signify that the slides will drop somewhere else soon and you could have another chance at copping the Yeezy Season 6 slides if you wanted?



Unbanned the Legend of Air Jordan 1 Documentary is Being Filmed RN

After a nice amount of teasing us, Jordan brand reveals that a documentary in honor of the legend is in the making. Here’s all we know so far about the “Unbanned” The Legend of Air Jordan 1 documentary.

Teasing Campaign

Jordan Brand began a teasing campaign for the Air Jordan 1 documentary back on February 7, 2018. The teaser we saw on a billboard in LA had every sneakerhead and their mother curious AF.

On the poster is the name of the production: “Unbanned The Legend of AJ1” along with the style code of the OG 1985 Air Jordan 1 Bred: 850911BY.

Finally, on the bottom of the poster, there’s a link to UnbanTheLegend. Consequently, curious fans visited the site only to find the same “Unbanned” graphics as on the poster, and an ‘unbox in’ countdown timer that ends on June 2, 2018.

The Air Jordan 1 Documentary

Today we have clearer information about the Air Jordan 1 documentary, “Unbanned”. As per the website, the cast and crew include Chuck D, Lena Waithe, Michael B. Jordan, Anthony Anderson, Spike Lee, Dexton Deboree.

The world premiere of the “Unbanned” The Legend of Air Jordan 1 documentary will screen at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 27, 2018. The tickets are being sold here.

Here’s the official trailer for the documentary:

In addition, as a way to give back to the people, part of the proceeds from this documentary will go to “causes focused on youth development and social education through sport and culture within disadvantaged communities.”

But what are those?

According to several different sources, the Nike Air Ships in Black/Red may have actually been the ones to get banned first. While others say these are just prototypes of the first Air Jordan 1- OG of the OG.

air ships black red 2 not Air jordan 1

However, what would we make of the iconic Air Jordan 1 commercial featured in the opening of the trailer?

Whether Nike is rewriting history or not, we’ll know in the documentary. The production is sure to offer us more insight on the Legend! So we can’t wait for the answers to all our questions in June.