Air Jordan 11 Prom Night Could Drop in May & Spark Teenage Violence

The Air Jordan 11 Prom Night sample that appeared on eBay in 2012 instantly sold for $11,000. Now Jordan brand is reportedly going to be showing it an official release on May 26th.

Usually AJ 11s drop in Q4. But this year we’re seeing Jordan Brand make way more releases throughout the year. While there’s nothing official, sneakerheads are losing their sh*t over the possibility of these dropping.

The Nike Air Jordan 11 Prom Night

Previously referred to as “Blackout”, the Nike Air Jordan 11 Prom Night will be black on black on black, according to the Twitter sneaker news account @soleheatonfeet. There are no official images yet, but it should look something like this:

Violence Over Air Jordans

Violence over sneakers is not something new. In fact, around 1,200 people get killed over sneakers each year, according to a video on GQ (excerpted from the 2015 documentary about sneaker culture called Sneakerheadz). The violence often consists of beatings, robberies, and gun shootings. Parents should actually fear what shoes their kids are wearing.

In December 2012, after just buying the Air Jordan Playoff XIs, a kid was followed home by three teenagers who shot him to death for his shoes. Just a couple weeks ago in December 2017, a boy wearing his brand new Win Like ’96 Jordan 11, which were a Christmas gift from his mom, was murdered and robbed of them.

Understandably, it’s just human nature to want the things we can’t have. Sometimes the desire is so strong that, unfortunately, people get killed over it. Call it a crime of passion. A thoughtless action. Nevertheless, love for the sneaker does not justify violence over them. Sneaker violence is a terrible thing, yet it is the plain reality. That’s just the way it has always been.

Last Thoughts

With the Nike Air Jordan 11 Prom Night colorway being one of the most hyped releases, it makes us wonder what kind of violence will come next. If just a sample of the Nike Air Jordan 11 Prom Night sold for $11,000, then how valuable will this release be? Riots might break out in May over the Prom Night. Kids wearing the shoe could get mugged for them. But if people think they can make a fortune out of reselling this shoe, we think they should bring down those high hopes.

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If Virgil Abloh Designed an OFF WHITE Yeezy, This Is What It’ll Look Like

With Virgil Abloh having been on Kanye’s team in the past, who’s to say it wouldn’t happen again? An OFF-WHITE Yeezy is not some figment of the imagination. It is a look into the future of design with concise knowledge of the past. One designer, Huy Le envisioned a day when Virgil Abloh will pick up a Yeezy and make magic happen. This is what an OFF WHITE Yeezy would look like.

virgil abloh off white yeezy 3

virgil abloh off white yeezy 1

Virgil Abloh x Yeezy Customs (Prices)

These babies do not come cheap. You can buy ready-made OFF-WHITE Yeezys for a minimum of $850. However, prices vary depending on your shoe size. Some sizes can cost you up to $50 more. The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Creams used for these customs are 100% authentic according to Huy Le. However, if you already own your pair of authentic Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Creams, all you need to do is send yours over to be customized. Huy Customs will hand paint your Yeezys to give it that OFF-WHITE treatment for just $350.

What’s really noticeable in the photographs above, there is intense care to every detail of the customization. I mean check out that orange on the heel tab! Not to mention that the shoe also comes with the signature zip tie.

Why Are Custom Sneakers Cool?

Custom sneakers have been a thing ever since Vans Customs started the tradition in 1966. The designer would make Vans with any fabric his customers brought to the store. And you can still customize your own Vans today to give it your own touch. We get to customize our homes, phones, desktops, workspaces, game characters, profiles, and even t-shirts, so why stop there? In a world full of Beluga 2.0s, why not be a little unique and add your own twist to things?

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8 Nike Air Jordan 1s That Will Make You Hundreds in 2018

The Nike Air Jordan 1 is the ‘one that started it all’! So far, there are at least eight Jordan 1s releasing in 2018. We’re about to see which ones are really worth your time. It’s AJ1 SZN y’all!

#1 Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Gold Toe

The Gold Toe is covered in leather all throughout its upper with white on its lateral sides and a black outer swoosh as well as black covering the medial side with a metallic gold inner swoosh.

Metallic gold color covers the toe box, hence the name Gold Toe. Gold also is found around the ankle, cupping the heel, and on the branding on the insoles.

Release Information

    • Release Date: February 16, 2018
    • Price: $160

AJ 1 gold

#2 Nike Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe (2018)

You can call this one the first HOT release of Jordan brand in 2018. As die-hard basketball and Jordan fans know, it all started with the Black/Red colorway. That’s why it’s freaking exciting that the Bred Toe is coming to us.

The all-new Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe releasing soon is a combination of the Bred and Black Toe colorways. Dappered in a Gym Red, Black, and Summit White color combination, this Air Jordan 1 is made with “Shattered Backboard” quality leather. That’s some butter for your toast right there.

Release Information

    • Release Date: February 24, 2018
    • Price: $160

AJ 1 bred toe

How Limited will the Bred Toe be?

It will be available at all Nike retailers. But because it’s likely that this colorway won’t sit and will get sold out pretty quick. Following in the footsteps of the Previous iconic Air Jordan 1s, this new iteration will surely make resellers quite a nice return on their money.

Resale Value of Previous AJ1 Breds

It’s interesting to mention that the color red is a prime attribute of the most expensive Jordans found on StockX. The most expensive Jordan 1 OG Chicago (1985) made over 4550.8% the original price, sold at $3,023. The less expensive Jordan 1 Retro Banned (2011) has sold for $2,760.

The most interesting thing to mention is that the Bred Toe is almost exactly the same as the popular Shattered Backboard. That Orange Black/Starfish-Sail colorway sold for $1,250 according to StockX.

But as we’ve seen before, people value the Gym Red color even more. So we expect to see the Bred Toe flying off the shelves to land onto the reselling market. As a matter of fact, it’s already up for pre-order on Flight Club at the rate of $500.

#3 OFF WHITE x Air Jordan 1 White

The next Nike Air Jordan 1 releasing is the Off White rendition. The white on white shoe sees a pop of color with orange and blue stitching. Unlike Part 1, there are statements that Part 2 will have a wider release.

There’s going to be so much hype behind the OFF WHITE x Air Jordan 1 White and everyone will be trying to cop it on SNKRS app.

Release Information

    • Release Date: February 27, 2018
    • Price: $190

off white x aj1

But there’s more. Another colorway is said to release and it’s the UNC version with OFF WHITE.

Release Information

    • Release Date: 2018
    • Price: ~ $185 – $190


#4 Air Jordan 1 6 Rings

Perfect for collectors, 6 Rings celebrates Michael Jordan’s six NBA championships. But don’t take that from me, just look at those insoles.

air-jordan-1-retro-high-og-6-rings-2 air-jordan-1-retro-high-og-6-rings-13

AJ 1 six rings

#5 Air Jordan 1 High OG Game Royal

Like the Bred Toes dawned in that iconic Gym Red, the Game Royals flaunt that Royal blue color like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a classic color, which makes for an exciting release.

Release Information

    • Release Date: February 2018
    • Price: $160

AJ 1 game royal

#6 Air Jordan 1 High OG Shadow

One of the most coveted colorways is returning after 5 years.

Release Information

    • Release Date: April 14,  2018
    • Price: $160

AJ 1 shadow

#7 Air Jordan 1 High Zip

Female hypebeasts get their own exclusive release limited to a rumored 10,000 pairs. YAAAAS GURL!

Release Information

    • Release Date: March 8,  2018
    • Price: $150

Aj 1 zipper

#8 Jordans from The 1 Reimagined

Also for women, there’s The 1 ReimaginedSome of the Nike Air Jordan 1s are from the WMNS collection that drops on February 7, 2018. The collection includes five new reinterpretations of the Air Jordan 1.



So if you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day, praise thy Lord! Because now you’ll have some cash for the Nike Air Jordan 1 Bred Toe or, if you’re lucky, the OFF WHITE Air Jordan 1! And if you’re wondering how to cop these, we can finally help you on the Nike battlefield. Cop these kicks with our dearly beloved and significantly improved copping solution. 


OFF WHITE x Nike Vapormax & MORE from ‘The Ten’ Collection (2018)

After the success of the first OFF WHITE x Nike collaboration, Virgil Abloh may be teaming up again with Nike for another exclusive The Ten collection. At least that’s what it looks like! These Instagram posts show two colors of the OFF WHITE x Nike VaporMax 2018:

OFF WHITE x Nike Air VaporMax 1
OFF WHITE x Nike Air VaporMax 2

Releasing in 2018, the OFF WHITE x Nike VaporMax will retail for $250 similar to last year’s VaporMax. Its Flyknit upper will be available in black and another in white. The revolutionary Air VaporMax sole will be translucent. Of course, it’s not complete without the hallmark OFF WHITE branding which will be on the sides, laces, and let’s not forget the red plastic zip-tie.

OFF WHITE x Nike ‘The Ten’ 2017:

So unless you live in a cave, you know of this collab. Virgil Abloh, the founder of OFF WHITE, had the privilege of reconstructing ten Nike shoes to create The Ten collection. He took apart ten classics and put them back together, adding his signature touch. It was one of the most hyped collaborations of 2017.

Today, the OFF WHITE x Nike Air Jordan 1 is dubbed by many to be the shoe of 2017. Reselling it will make you more money than Yeezys. Furthermore, the Converse from The Ten 2017 will be coming out early 2018 due to some production issues.  off white x nike

 Video: What’s Inside A VaporMax?

This is father and son duo who find pure joy out of sawing through expensive shoes, among other things. They start by showing us the architecture which inspired the Air technology. Later in the video, they saw through the shoe to show us what’s inside the Nike Air VaporMax.

Nike refused to disclose what is actually inside the sole when the father asked. They said it’s a mixture of gases, and that’s what gives you the ultra-light, bounce in your step. If you pay attention you can actually hear the pop when the machine saws through the lightweight cushioning-unit.

There’s more than just the OFF WHITE x Nike Air Vapormax:

Virgil and Nike just showed off a white on white Nike Air Jordan in Paris Fashion Week! Feast your eyes upon its beauty:

off white x nike aj1white

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Wrap Up of 2017 Yeezys & Yeezys Dropping in 2018

By the end of December, we tend to look back and see the best and worst times that passed so we can move to the next year. Let’s give Kanye a helping hand and do a wrap up 2017’s Yeezy releases so we can happily awe at the Yeezys dropping in 2018.

Yeezys from 2017

Now that Yeezy season has come to a bittersweet end, let’s take a moment to reminisce Yeezys of 2017.

First, we had the bold Yeezy Boost 350 Bred:

2017 yeezys

Second, came the Yeezy Boost 350 Zebra, which re-released:

Then came the triple white, Yeezy Boost 350 Cream Whites:

And how can we forget the Wave Runner 700s?

wave runner 700

At last, we had the three extremely hyped releases of Fall 2017 the Yebra, Beluga 2.0, and Blue Tints:

fall 2017

We also had a grey Powerphase that came out this month and a white Powerphase that came out earlier:

Oh, and the Desert Rat 500 Super Moon Yellow that came as part of a set that cost $760:

desert rat 500

Yeezys Dropping in 2018

Next year seems promising and it looks like Ye and Adidas have their work cut out for them. We already know some of the Yeezys dropping in 2018. Well, let’s just start with the great news. It looks like Ye’s going for all neutral tones in 2018, which kind of takes us back to when Kayne first started with Adidas.

We’re moving away from crazy Boost 350 colorways. We have more subtle colors coming up in 2018: Sesame (left) and Ice Yellow (right).

yeezys dropping in 2018

The Desert Rat 500 is another Yeezy dropping in 2018. This time you won’t have to pay $760 for it. However, the Yeezy Mafia has led me to believe that the colorway dropping this time won’t be the same Super Moon Yellow.

yeezys dropping in 2018

We’ve also got the black Calabasas Powerphase early in 2018:

yeezys dropping in 2018

Moreover, still waiting for updates on new Wave Runner 700 colorways.


And could we be expecting updates about the apparent basketball Yeezy?

Also, what is this? It looks like something that would be created if the Wave Runner 700 and the basketball-ish shoe got married.

Keep your eyes open for more updates, because 2018 looks like it’ll be a nice year for new Yeezys to be born.


7 Savage Things People Have Done To Brand New Yeezys

We’ve all seen some gruesome things in our life, but none as terrible and unseeable as what you’re about to view. We can’t believe we live in the same world as the people who have copped brand new Yeezys only to destroy them. May Yeezus frown down upon you! Here are 7 of the saddest, most savage things people have done with their brand new Yeezys, for the hell of it! Warning: Reader discretion advised.

#1 Making face masks out of Yeezys

Zhijun Wang is a designer based in Beijing, where air pollution is a citywide issue. Instead of wearing Yeezys on feet, he creates sneaker face masks. Can’t deny that it’s a cool statement. However, this requires actually taking real Yeezys and cutting them up! The atrocity! MoMA New York has his Yeezy Beluga face mask on display until January 28th, 2018.

#2 Cutting Yeezys like they’re just a piece of meat

YouTuber of the channel “What’s Inside”, cut through his brand new Turtle Doves, just to see what’s inside. If your heart can handle it, watch this video to see him sawing through it to reveal the layers of Boost.

Dan from What’s Inside isn’t the only one cutting through Yeezys, but at least he had a reason! Sean Wotherspoon, who dipped his Supreme x Jordan Vs in red paint, cut his new Yeezys in half just hours after they released.  For what? Attention? He even used the Supreme knife to dissect the Yeezy!


#3 Freezing Yeezys in Liquid Nitrogen

We kid you not, this actually happened. One YouTuber, Mahrun Karkvandeian, was so over the hype of these shoes that he felt like he needed to take a stand to kill the hype once and for all. For his statement to be made, he recorded a video of himself dipping his Yeezy 750s into homemade liquid nitrogen and then smashed them with a sledgehammer. And as if that wasn’t enough, he torched his 750 into ashes. He didn’t stop just there, he also has a video where he heartlessly tortures a pair of 350s until finally burning them at the end.freezing new yeezys

#4 Destroying new Yeezys with a Flamethrower

As if it weren’t hard enough seeing Karkvandian freeze, smash and burn his Yeezys, two kids and the third behind the camera just poured lighter fluid all over their brand new Yeezys and set fire to them with a flamethrower. But why? The black and crispy condition of the shoes a the end of the video reminds me of the supposedly burned bodies of Bran and Rickon in GoT. Smh.

#5 Exploiting and abusing new Yeezys for the sake of advertisement

Crep, you are the devil!!! Crep ruined these Yeezys, for a short while before restoring them to their original condition. Although no Yeezys were permanently harmed during these experiments, it’s still painful to watch! *sobs in the corner*sad new yeezys 1

sad new yeezys

#6 Doing intense sports in Yeezys

I mean, if you pay so much for a pair of sneakers, you might as well expect them to be durable enough to run in, right? Wrong. This one dude went running in his Pirate Blacks and the primeknit just tore off the Boost. But you shouldn’t run in Yeezys, they’re not sports shoes. They’re a lifestyle sneaker, casual day-to-day wear for the streets, not for the gym!


#7 Ruining Yeezys for absolutely no good cause!

Brothers, Tobi and Fabian made a video of themselves ruining a perfect Yeezy shoe by covering them in mustard, spinach yogurt dip, lemon juice and then coke. The saddest thing is that they’re not the only ones to soak their Yeezys in random things.

YouTuber, NameBran, has soaked and dipped Yeezys into all kinds of fluids from whiskey and wine, to pumpkin spice lattes, Pepto-Bismol, green jello and so much more. Bran has even bleached his Yeezys. This guy has gone as far as deep frying them- for the sake of the internet! For the safety of Yeezys, we pray the ones he had were fakes.deep-fried-shoes-video


Just because you had to see all the excruciatingly terrible things people have done with their brand new Yeezys, we think you deserve to see this fluffy doggy in Yeezys. So, maybe you’d think it’s a sad thing that the owner would put a cute dog into his new Yeezys, but we think it’s awesome! Kanye should make Yeezys in puppy sizes!

Dog in new Yeezys 2

Dog in new Yeezys

More sad photos of ruined Yeezys:

black painte yeezys

An artist in New York decided this was OK.

coloring new yeezys

Remember the Yeezy Mafia highlight your Zebra challenge?

dead new yeezys

When you’re undeserving of wearing these on your feet.

more sad new yeezys

Please leave Yeezys out of your experiments.

muddy new yeezys


Sneakerheads, you’ve just witnessed thousands of dollars being thrown wasted! It’s not like they’re as easy to come by as the Beluga 2.0s! Moving on… we do not claim ownership of any of these photographs. We would never harm a Yeezy. But if you know someone who would, please take them to therapy before they unjustifiably destroy another sole.


Hype Demon’s Apprentice 6-6-6 Guide to Copping Yeezys Manually Online

Not to add salt to the wound or anything, but two fine Yeezys came out in November and you probably copped none. Not saying it’s your fault; copping Yeezys is no easy task, even for a hype demon. Plus, it could be bewildering if you’re a beginner in this wicked sneaker game. To be fair (yes even a demon can be fair sometimes), the Yebras, Semi Frozen Yellows, Yeezy McChickens, or whatever you want to call them, were the most limited V2s ever. But what’s your excuse for the Beluga 2.0s? Those were densely stocked, son. SMH. However, now we’re not too far away from the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Blue Tints. You know what they say, third time’s a charm. Are you willing to learn a my favorite deadly tricks for copping Yeezys? This is my Apprentice 6-6-6 guide to copping Yeezys manually online.

6 Step Preparation for Copping Yeezys Manually on Release Day

Copping Yeezys isn’t as complex and labyrinthine as many like to put it. All it takes is some damn research and preparatory measures, but no one seems ready for that. What if I told you it’s not as frightening as you may think?


If you have to, bribe your friends with free food at your place, and let ‘em bring their laptops and cell-phones. Let copping Yeezys become an event!



Ask your provider to give you an upgrade to the highest internet speed there is.



The world has got some darling individuals who designate servers a near as possible to cop sites like Adidas. Using a server improves your connection to the sneaker sites you want to cop from.



Do you want to get your ass banned? No. So invest in some private proxies. As many as the devices, you’ve gathered. Make sure they’re located in the same country you want to cop from, and near the server you got.



Reminder: You’re going to need different credit card information for each device you have. Ask your friends, your parents, your grandparents, even get new cards from other banks. Do what you gotta do to have as many cards as you can, because that’ll increase your chances tremendously.


You heard me my G. If you want to get good at copping Yeezys, you need to get good at solving captchas. Even let your friends and family solve ‘em with you on other devices when you get through to the product page.

Copping Yeezys

Ugh! Just look at them. Imagine rocking these bad boys.

6 Steps for Release Day on Adidas


Wake up early and start your day by getting yourself in the right mood for copping Yeezys. Get that cup of coffee, tea, or any drink that gets you energized. Don’t drink too much though, because you don’t have time for a pee break.



Before you enter the “waiting room”, you will need to refresh the Adidas website’s splash page as often as you can. But once you’re in the queue for your Yeezys DO NOT REFRESH. I repeat, DO NOT REFRESH! A lot of copping engines get passed the splash page directly into the “waiting room”.



Here, you’ll need to be extremely quick. On each device, you only have one chance. It’s do or die. Simple three things to do: (1) Select your desired size. (2) Solve the captcha. (3) Add to cart.



Make sure that all the required information is there. One wrong or missing letter can be fatal. Recheck your billing information and shipping address. Make sure that no same card is being used more than once.



Breathe heavily into a paper bag if you have to.



The process of copping Yeezys is never complete until you receive a confirmation of purchase/ shipment email.


Is it time for me to say, “Godspeed”?  *smirk*


6 Hype Demon’s Post-Release Day Advice Tips


Didn’t cop this time?

Tip 1: Don’t be a baby about it. Figure out what went wrong for next time.


Copped more than enough pairs?

Tip 2: Sell the rest online for more than they’re worth! That’s pure evil, just the way I like it! Or, well, if you’re feeling charitable, give some pairs away….. Or you can bribe someone for a pair, teehee.


Floating on clouds because you copped?

Tip 3: Thank the generous friends and family who helped you out.


Think you’ve become a copping Yeezys pro?

Tip 4: Share your experience. Write a blog. Make a YouTube video. Do something useful.


Interested in the next release?

Tip 5: Remember, just because you got lucky once doesn’t guarantee that you’ll always get lucky copping Yeezys. 


Learning about other copping methods?

Tip 6: You may want to make and upgrade to your copping method depending on how many pairs you want to cop. Adding a copping engine to the mix is a great way to do that.


Despite all these sinister and foolproof tricks, a lot of people have sold their souls and resorted to using copping engines. That’s funny because they sold their souls for the soles. See what I did there? Am I the only one who finds that funny?

Anyway, copping engines can drastically increase a person’s chances at copping Yeezys in a stress-free manner. The cool thing is that these engines can work independently after being prepped and started correctly. Less work, more Yeezys.


Grand Finale

This guide better have helped you in some way. It took some effort to write this down for you, while I could have been out doing something else. Maybe I’ll go have some well-deserved me-time right now. DEMON OUT. *mic drop*