Make Way For The Adidas Kamanda ‘Majin Buu’ & Ultra Tech ‘Vegeta’

During the month of November, we gather ’round to remember the things we are grateful for. If you’re a fan of the Dragon Ball Z adventures, then you’re surely thankful that this Adidas DBZ collaboration exists. Thanks, Adidas. This month, the third Adidas Dragon Ball Z duo drops. No release date yet, but expect the Adidas Kamanda Majin Buu and Ultra Tech Vegeta to drop towards the end of November.

adidas Kamanda ‘Majin Buu’

To match the character, the Adidas Kamanda Majin Buu is constructed of a pink suede upper resting atop a translucent gray rugged sole. It is accented with hits of black and some yellow and gold detailing.

For some odd reason, the villain characters’ models are getting more love than the Super Saiyans. People, even those who aren’t fans of the DBZ series, sought out the Yung-1 Frieza. In addition, comments regarding the Prophere vs. Deerupt put Cell’s silhouette in higher regard than the netted model.

That’s precisely the case with the Kamanda Majin Buu. News sites and leakers are all highlighting the soft pink suede Kamanda model. However, not much buzz is on the Vegeta Ultra Tech.

Ultra Tech ‘Vegeta’

For the hero Vegeta, Adidas is using an old-school silhouette from the 90s. They did the same with Frieza and Goku’s models. Adidas brought back the Ultra Tech in 2018, and now they are including it in the Adidas Dragon Ball Z collection.

The upper includes a mix of deep blue mesh and yellow/gold suede at the toe and tongue. Details of white and black complete the look. Similar to the Deerupt, the sole is netted. More details include custom Adidas Dragon Ball Z themed insoles and premium packaging.

Release Date

There’s no word on an actual related date and the price is TBA. However, similar to previous Adidas DBZ releases, both silhouettes will drop on the same day. Except them both to release some time toward the end of November, since that seems to be the pattern.

Also, if you missed out on the Yeezy Zebra releases, here’s your chance!


If You Missed Out on the Yeezy Zebra Here’s Your Chance

The Yeezy Zebra is dropping yet again this upcoming month. Of all the 350 V2s, one would say the Zebra colorway is the wildest. The black and white upper with the pop of red in the SPLY-350 stripe is sure unique.

Others may disagree and say that the ‘Wild Award’ goes to the Semi Frozen Yellow (aka Yebra), which will probably drop in December 2018. But it’s basically the Zebra in highlight yellow! I mean, how much of a hype beast do you have to be to rock highlighter yellow shoes?

Yeezy Zebra Restock

There are several different reasons why you’d want to cop the Yeezy Zebra this time around. First of all, you don’t want to pay resale prices to get it. Right now, the average sales price for the Yeezy Zebra is $500+ (StockX).

Let’s say you want a Yeezy and you want this one in specific because it’s not too common, unlike the mass-produced Triple Whites. You’re not going to pay over retail price to get it. You’re too smart for that. And while we’re on that note, according to the Yeezy Mafia, the stock numbers on this releases is nowhere near as much as the Cream Whites.

Despite its slow year, the future of the Yeezy line seems to be expanding and evolving quickly. This could be your last chance to ever try to cop the Yeezy Zebra at retail. Kanye looks just about ready to introduce new silhouettes to the world, to keep Yeezys from dying. So if you’re a fan of these ones, and want to add it to your collection, you don’t want to miss your chance again.

Release Info

Release Date: Friday, November 9th, 2018
Retail Price: $220 USD

Like most recent hyped drops, the wild Yeezy Zebra will drop on a Friday instead of Saturday. This drop will be shortly followed by the Sesame colorway which is set to drop on Friday, November 23rd, 2018.


Up Close With 2 GoT UltraBoosts in Colorways “Stark White” & “Fire and Blood”

It wasn’t long ago since we found out that Adidas is collaborating with the award-winning HBO series Game of Thrones (GoT). Now, like winter, the final season of GoT is coming. And what better way to celebrate it than to release GoT-themed UltraBoosts! Thanks to sneaker leakers, we have close-ups of two GoT UltraBoosts, Stark White and Fire and Blood.

GoT UltraBoosts of House Targaryen

The House Targaryen GoT UltraBoosts got some new pictures over the weekend. Thanks to @solebyjc and @yankeekicks we now have a more detailed look at the pairs.

The cleanest of the two, dubbed “Stark White” is the Daenerys Targaryen inspired UltraBoost. White all around PrimeKnit upper with silver stripes, it comes in a colorway that pays tribute to her silver head of hair. It sits atop a white Boost and outer sole. Furthermore, leakers say that these come in women’s sizing only.

The name of the colorway “Stark White” is a funny reference to the characters from House Stark. However, it has little to no relation to Daenerys. Of course, besides the fact that her brother Rhaegar loved Lyanna Stark and had a son, Jon Snow. Which of course would mean that he is, of course, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Not the silver-haired Mother of Dragons. Yes, that’s facts.

In the picture is the GoT X Johnnie Walker White Walker-themed wrapping just for perks.

GoT Ultraboosts

Dragons UltraBoosts

The white Mother of Dragons shoe cannot come without its greatest weapons, the dragons! Colored in an ombre pattern from black at the heel and color then going brighter red then yellow-ish at the toe, the House Targaryen Dragons literally scream fire. But the best part of these images is the details.

On both the “Stak White” and “Fire and Blood” pairs, the ankle tab reads the House Targaryen words, “Fire and Blood.”  The aglets, which is the plastic or metal at the tip of the shoelaces, read “House” and “Targaryen.”

Finally, the shoes cannot be complete without custom GoT-themed insoles and the House Targaryen emblem on the inner tongue tab.

The GoT UltraBoosts are scheduled to drop sometimes in 2019. In addition to the House Targaryen UltraBoosts, the drop is to include sneakers for House Stark, House Lannister, Night’s Watch, and the White Walkers.


Will Kanye’s Adidas Yeezy Basketball Shoes Get Banned?

As of this year, the NBA has removed all color restrictions on footwear. Now players can wear any color they want on the court. However, they might not be able to wear the Yeezy basketball shoes.

Why might the NBA ban Kanye’s Yeezy basketball shoes?

Although players don’t have to wear matching shoes with their team’s uniforms, there’s still a process of approval for new sneakers. Unfortunately, it looks like Kanye’s first ever basketball shoes are not accepted.

The first ever Yeezy basketball shoes are facing a potential ban from the courts during the upcoming NBA season. The reason behind the ban is that there is just too much 3M material on the shoe. And that it will be distracting to fans at the arena and viewers at home.

The league, however, still hasn’t reviewed the shoes in person. But the flashing 3M in the pictures makes it most likely bannable. If Kanye makes a new version of the shoe without 3M maybe it’ll be accepted. So it’s not surprising if the Adidas players receive a different NBA-approved version of the Yeezy basketball shoes.

Banned is the new hype?

We all know what happened when the NBA banned the Chicago Bulls black and red Nike Air Jordan 1s in 1985. Nike took advantage of that one NBA ban and today, it’s one of the most sought-after sneakers.

In a post, Kanye said that these new Yeezy basketball shoes have been in development for over three years. Furthermore, there have been almost 300 samples of this shoe made.

So what a bummer it must be, after all that hard work, for the shoe to be banned from the very thing it was created for. However, there’s still a chance they can make it during the last half of the season if they get approved by December.

The hard work put into this sneaker would really make it a rare one.

The Yeezy basketball shoes are expected to releases in 2019. And if you’re wondering how to cop, read our Apprentice 666 Guide to Copping Yeezys Manually Online.


Jordan Brand Really Wants You To Wear These Air Jordan 1s

Air Jordan 1s are both exclusive and elusive. You’ve always had to line up and camp out in anticipation for them. Many fans who missed the release would pay over retail to own a pair from the aftermarket. That’s how the sneaker reselling game began to flourish into a billion dollar industry, according to Forbes.

It’s their exclusivity that contributes to the making and development of sneaker bots. Not to mention the hundreds of dollars resellers can make from selling one pair of AJ1s. Jordan Brand sends a message to resellers in the form of Varsity Maize and Black high tops. If you buy these “Not For Resale” Air Jordan 1s, be sure to wear ’em!

Resellers: Good or Bad?

Resellers are both good and bad in the fact that they can guarantee you get the sneaker of your dreams, but at a high cost. And sometimes the prices are just too ridiculously high. This creates a stigma around the act of reselling sneakers, even if you do it for a living.

There’s always this negative connotation to the word reseller. Especially when people don’t understand the hustle. But what some people don’t understand is that they couldn’t have bee able to cop their Air Jordan 1s otherwise.

There’s such a high level of competition with sneaker bots, ATC services, and etc. It’s nearly impossible to cop manually anyway. So unless you get yourself a sneaker bot and learn how to cop on your own, you might always have to rely on resellers and pay them their asking price. And you can’t go to just any reseller, you need a credited one who will never sell fakes.

“Not For Resale” Air Jordan 1s

The classic Air Jordan 1s Retro, with a white leather upper and black overlays, comes with hits of bright yellow ‘Varsity Mazie’ on the collar, heel, and outsole. However, unlike classic Air Jordan 1s, these come with a Virgil Abloh-like vibe.

To throw some shade on resellers, the Helvetica font reads, “Not For Resale” on the Midsole. On the heel is an embroidered “No” on the left and “Photos” on the right. On the tongue tab is “Wear Me” and at the toe box is a simple “Please Crease” request. Finally, the insoles read “No L’s”.

air jordan 1s not for resale shoes 2

Of course, the funny this is that these Air Jordan 1s will definitely resell. They’re going to be an extremely limited and hard to cop, unlike recent Yeezys. That’s got to be ironic!

They reportedly release this December and retail for $155 USD. You can get ’em over at Nike.comNike SNKRS, and select Jordan Brand retailers.


More Re-releases on Ye’s Calendar: Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra and Yebra

Scribbled on Ye’s calendar is a whole lot more of them throwback drops. With the second release of the Cream Whites and the third of the Wave Runners, Kanye is letting us know he’s not done yet! The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is dropping again in both Zebra and Yebra colorways. What does this all mean for the Yeezy line?


Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra

When the Zebras first dropped, they were fire. They were so exclusive and people wanted them so bad that resale shot up to $1,500. However, they dropped again.

Well, the people who paid high resale prices weren’t too happy. Neither were the resellers. To top it all off, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zebra is dropping for the third time.

Resellers are definitely shook! They still haven’t sold their last pairs and now they’re probably scrambling to make ends meet.


Semi Frozen Yellow a.k.a ‘Yebra’

One of the rarest Yeezys to date will no longer be so rare. Too bad to all the hustlers holding on to their pairs of McYeezy McDonalds 350s.

It’s true that Yeezy 350 prices go up with time, but these re-releases do nothing to help. Especially since the stock level is said to be increasing with upcoming releases.

Kanye West wants to make Yeezys attainable for everyone, that they are even sitting on shelves. Maybe this is all part of his plan to run for office in 2024.


Release Info

While this is subject to change, the Yeezy Boost 350 V2s are due to drop in December. The Zebra and Yebra colorways were first scheduled in October but got pushed back. So it won’t be a surprise if they get pushed back some more into 2019.



But before those, we have something dropping in November: the Sesame V2. Not only is the Yeezy Supply Kitchen starting to cater to a higher number of people, but it’s also experimenting with new flavors.

However, there are rumors about the one with the “Transparent Stripe” that it’s coming also in December. Will it be the final 350 V2 before we move on to a new era of Yeezys?



Amidst all this Yeezy crave, don’t forget about the Adidas Game of Thrones UltraBoosts!


The Will Smith Fresh Prince Jordan 5 Grape Drops Next Week

It’s a new month packed with sneaker releases. Some are re-releases, like the Wave Runners and Cream Whites. Others are brand new, such as the Adidas x Dragon Ball Z collection. However, it doesn’t get better than a good old throwback to the past. The nostalgia is strong as we see pictures of the Will Smith Fresh Prince Jordan 5 Grape roam the web!

Will Smith Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Everyone and their mother knows who Will Smith is. The all-time favorite actor, comedian, and entertainer is known by generations of all kinds for his role as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The TV sitcom gave great laughs for six years and still does today. Especially when you watch the accomplished Will Smith break it down foolishly in his room. Yeah, we’re jealous of those moves.

Will Smith wore countless sneakers as the Fresh Prince. Heavily endorsed by the ‘West Philadelphian’ prince, the 1990 Jordan 5 Grape became a legendary model. It became one of the most iconic Air Jordan 5 colorways. Moreover, he wore his pair of Grapes without laces. That explains why year’s iteration will come as a laceless pair. In fact, it will be the first laceless Air Jordan 5 ever.


Air Jordan 5 Grape

  • Release date: Tuesday, September 25, 2018 (in celebration of Smith’s 50th birthday)
  • Retail price: $190
  • Color: White/Grape Ice/Black/New Emerald

The Air Jordan 5 is a classic, and the Grape is one of the most iconic and legendary Jordan 5 colorways. The grape purple and minty green color take us way back to 90s fashion. However, Michael Jordan never wore this colorway on the court, despite it being a Jordan shoe. Its first drop was in 1990, later to retro in 2013. Finally, it will retro once more in a Nike x Will Smith pack. Alongside the Jordan 5 Grape, the pack will also include 2 hoodies and 2 tees as seen in the Tweet below.


Yeezy 500 Utility Black Sat on Shelves | Are Yeezys Dead?

For the first time in Yeezy history, Yeezys can be bought on shelves, or ordered online. You can cop them manually, without a bot, and at retail price. That is if you’re willing to pay $200. The Yeezy 500 Utility Black is the first Yeezy to ever sit on shelves. This makes us question whether or not Yeezy are actually dying. And has Yeezy reselling seen the end of it?

Yeezy 500 Utility Black

Kanye has long been waiting for the day Yeezys could be available for everyone. Leading this dream is the Yeezy 500 Utility Black which released on July 7th for $200. Despite selling out on Adidas websites, this shoe was still up for grabs on Yeezy Supply for days after the release You can still find more sizes on StockX. Although that’s not at the retail price, you won’t have to pay extra hundreds for your size.

“Yeezys are dead.”

People thought the Yeezy 350 V2 Blue Tints would be the last Yeezys worth copping and that Yeezys are dead. They didn’t expect that more 350 V2s would be dropping. However, even releases of 350 V2s couldn’t revive the Yeezy line, as seen with the Yeezy 350 V2 Butter.

After a long time of no Yeezy Boosts, the Butters were the first 350 V2s to drop in 2018. The Yeezy Butters should have been more profitable in terms of reselling. Especially since it slowly but surely sold out.

However, the fact that leaks of re-releases and increased stock level for upcoming Yeezys definitely hindered that possibility. Many resellers are left with boxes of deadstock Yeezy Butters that they may never have the chance to sell.

Should resellers forget about instant gratification when it comes to Yeezys? Is there really no more “quick big money” with this brand? Well, don’t feel hopeless, because the aftermarket is a volatile place.

We anticipate the new sneakers to come out from Kanye’s creative mind that will revive the brand. Perhaps a new silhouette like the Yeezy 700 V2 or V3 may give Yeezy a boost. #pun

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700 V2 Art 🌊 made by @ghicapopa

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Top 10 Most Questionable Supreme Accessories in FW18

Supreme accessories are often unusual and rarely are they usable. I mean it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever be in need of a Supreme brick. However, the lust for that Supreme tag is just so grand that people would have even paid $398 to buy the Supreme cash paperweight that has real money inside amounting to $298. Seriously?!

Some Supreme Accessories of FW18

1- Supreme x Luden’s Wild Cherry Throat Drops

Because clearing your throat with old fashion Halls isn’t good enough anymore. Plus when you whip out that Luden’s box with a Supreme logo you become 100% cooler. In addition, when your box finishes, you can restock the same packet by buying non-Supreme boxes from Amazon and replacing the drops into this packet.

Supreme Luden's Throat Drops


2- Supreme x Lucano Step Ladder

Oh look, a tiny ladder. Hey maybe you can use this instead of your Squatty Potty!

Supreme Lucano Step Ladder


3- Supreme x Hanes Thermal Pant

Winter is coming! Oh wait, that’s for the Adidas Game of Thrones collab coming in 2019. But no seriously, this one is perfect for the colder weather. However, we really don’t want to see you wearing these or sticking them out of your pants.


Supreme Hanes Thermal Pant (1 Pack)


4- Virgin Mary Blanket

In the spirit of the cold holiday season?

Virgin Mary Blanket


5- Inflatable Chair

Summer may be over in some parts of the world, but if you can get this inflatable chair in the southern hemisphere you can totally throw the best pool party!

Inflatable Chair supreme accessories


6- Male and Female Anatomy Model

Hey, maybe you’re a hypebeast doctor and you want this for your private office? Who knows? We don’t judge.


Male and Female Anatomy Model


7- Supreme x Hohner Melodica

A gift for the musically gifted or not so musically gifted hypebeast.

Supreme Hohner Melodica


8- Supreme x AWS MAX-700 Digital Scale

We a have a couple ideas of things you can weigh with this Supreme pocket scale. Disappointment is not one of them as the capacity is only 700 grams.


Supreme accessories AWS MAX-700 Digital Scale


9- Supreme x Santa Cruz Chameleon 27.5” Bike

Don’t just cop this bike to hang on your wall. Santa Cruz bicycles are some of the most high-end bikes on the market. With something of that quality, you’re gonna have to buy grade 1 locks for this bike!

Supreme santa Cruz Chameleon 27.5 Bike

10- Supreme Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights

Of course, to go with that bike, you’ll need these tiny magnetic bike lights.

Supreme Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights


While some items could be convenient, others are only used for flexing on IG or to be put on home display. It’s nice to buy some decorative things, but don’t be that guy who only does it for the ‘gram. Enjoy the things you spend money on, or at least profit from them by reselling!


The Drake-less Air Jordan 4 Raptors Dropping August 18th

The first Air Jordan shoe to pay tribute to the Toronto Raptors is the 1992 OG Air Jordan 7 Raptor. Since then, retros of the Raptor 7 have come and gone. An Air Force 1 and an Air Max 1 with Raptor colors are also available. Yet this is the first time the Raptors will receive an Air Jordan 4.

Air Jordan 4 Raptor

One of the earliest Jordan Brand silhouettes, the Air Jordan 4 is a well regarded model. So far this year, we’ve already got our hands on four holy grail status Air Jordan 4s. Those are the three Levi’s pack and Travi$ Scott’s Cactus Jack. And more colorways of the Cactus Jack will be dropping as well.

The Air Jordan 4 Raptor will don the team’s colors. Red and purple details all through on a black upper. The sneaker is complete with a purple mid-sole splattered black, a red out-sole, and Nike Air branding on the heel tab. The picture below show Drake’s signature on the tongue along Jumpman.

air-jordan-4-raptors- drake

Drake’s Missing Signature

In the beginning, Drake was affiliated with the Air Jordan 4 Raptor, with pictures of his signature on the tongue. However, things are not different since then. Drake allegedly left Jordan Brand for Adidas. Push-T’s Story of Adidon even gave those rumors some confirmation. However, since then the gossip has now settled down. And now after it’s cleared up that he’s still with Nike (after his lines in Travi$ Scott’s Sicko Mode), the verdict is that Drake’s signature will not be on the sneaker. Or will it? We don’t know.

Stock Level

Sneaker leakers say the stock is reportedly going to be limited to 26K pairs ONLY. It will be available at Nike and Jordan Brand retailers. You can already buy early pairs off Stadium Goods, StockX, Flight Club, and GOAT. However, if you prefer to cop at retail, and I know you do, peep the release information:

Air Jordan 4 “Raptors” 

Release Date: Saturday, August 18, 2018
Retail Price: $200
Style Code: AQ3816 065