Top 10 Most Questionable Supreme Accessories in FW18

Supreme accessories are often unusual and rarely are they usable. I mean it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever be in need of a Supreme brick. However, the lust for that Supreme tag is just so grand that people would have even paid $398 to buy the Supreme cash paperweight that has real money inside amounting to $298. Seriously?!

Some Supreme Accessories of FW18

1- Supreme x Luden’s Wild Cherry Throat Drops

Because clearing your throat with old fashion Halls isn’t good enough anymore. Plus when you whip out that Luden’s box with a Supreme logo you become 100% cooler. In addition, when your box finishes, you can restock the same packet by buying non-Supreme boxes from Amazon and replacing the drops into this packet.

Supreme Luden's Throat Drops


2- Supreme x Lucano Step Ladder

Oh look, a tiny ladder. Hey maybe you can use this instead of your Squatty Potty!

Supreme Lucano Step Ladder


3- Supreme x Hanes Thermal Pant

Winter is coming! Oh wait, that’s for the Adidas Game of Thrones collab coming in 2019. But no seriously, this one is perfect for the colder weather. However, we really don’t want to see you wearing these or sticking them out of your pants.


Supreme Hanes Thermal Pant (1 Pack)


4- Virgin Mary Blanket

In the spirit of the cold holiday season?

Virgin Mary Blanket


5- Inflatable Chair

Summer may be over in some parts of the world, but if you can get this inflatable chair in the southern hemisphere you can totally throw the best pool party!

Inflatable Chair supreme accessories


6- Male and Female Anatomy Model

Hey, maybe you’re a hypebeast doctor and you want this for your private office? Who knows? We don’t judge.


Male and Female Anatomy Model


7- Supreme x Hohner Melodica

A gift for the musically gifted or not so musically gifted hypebeast.

Supreme Hohner Melodica


8- Supreme x AWS MAX-700 Digital Scale

We a have a couple ideas of things you can weigh with this Supreme pocket scale. Disappointment is not one of them as the capacity is only 700 grams.


Supreme accessories AWS MAX-700 Digital Scale


9- Supreme x Santa Cruz Chameleon 27.5” Bike

Don’t just cop this bike to hang on your wall. Santa Cruz bicycles are some of the most high-end bikes on the market. With something of that quality, you’re gonna have to buy grade 1 locks for this bike!

Supreme santa Cruz Chameleon 27.5 Bike

10- Supreme Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights

Of course, to go with that bike, you’ll need these tiny magnetic bike lights.

Supreme Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights


While some items could be convenient, others are only used for flexing on IG or to be put on home display. It’s nice to buy some decorative things, but don’t be that guy who only does it for the ‘gram. Enjoy the things you spend money on, or at least profit from them by reselling!