Pusha T Confirms Drake’s Adidas Deal in “The Story of Adidon”

In recent news, things get beefier than ever between artists Pusha T and Drake when Pusha T drops his latest diss track, “The Story of Adidon” along with a photo of Drake in blackface. But it may reveal some truth to the fate of Drake’s career.

Drake vs. Jordan Brand

Some background – For some time now, there have been ongoing rumors that Drake’s deal with Jordan Brand will be a thing of the past. The reason being that the artist needs more creative freedom than the brand is giving him. And since then, The Child’s been seen wearing Adidas more often.

Clearing out June

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Pusha T vs. Drake

The two have taken subliminal shots at each other through their music since 2011. But nothing out of proportion like Pusha T just did following the release of his DAYTONA album.

Pusha T’s song “Infrared” prompts Drake to quickly respond with “Duppy Freestyle” to which Pusha T responds with “The Story of Adidon,” which may have taken the rap battle to a whole new level. Things escalated too quickly.

“The Story of Adidon” throws shade at Drake’s family situation and his mixed cultural background. He even makes a (rather heartless) comment about the sickness of his friend, Shebib, who’s an OVO producer.

Most importantly though, is the mention of Adidon. In the lyrics, Pusha T claims that Drake is hiding a son named Adonis. And he makes remarks about the mother of Drake’s hidden baby. Bars that reveal this information allude to a possible Adidas deal.

Drake & Adidas

We already anticipate that Drake will be moving his fashion line from Jordan Brand to Adidas in the near future. But with “The Story of Adidon,” it was confirmed. And the fact was locked tight in a clip from this interview Pusha T just had with The Breakfast Club, listen below:

Drake’s Adidas Brand has a name thanks to @kingpush …

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So Drake’s Adidas brand will be called Adidon, a mix of his alleged son’s name, Adonis, and the brand name Adidas. If Drake indeed has a son and is waiting to drop his Adidas line in order to reveal it, then we anticipate that Drake will have to do a lot of fo damage control.

He already released a statement on his IG story regarding the blackface photograph but made no comment about the song’s lyrics. It’s only a matter of time until Push T receives a formal response, and we’re all waiting to hear it.

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