Will Kanye’s Adidas Yeezy Basketball Shoes Get Banned?

As of this year, the NBA has removed all color restrictions on footwear. Now players can wear any color they want on the court. However, they might not be able to wear the Yeezy basketball shoes.

Why might the NBA ban Kanye’s Yeezy basketball shoes?

Although players don’t have to wear matching shoes with their team’s uniforms, there’s still a process of approval for new sneakers. Unfortunately, it looks like Kanye’s first ever basketball shoes are not accepted.

The first ever Yeezy basketball shoes are facing a potential ban from the courts during the upcoming NBA season. The reason behind the ban is that there is just too much 3M material on the shoe. And that it will be distracting to fans at the arena and viewers at home.

The league, however, still hasn’t reviewed the shoes in person. But the flashing 3M in the pictures makes it most likely bannable. If Kanye makes a new version of the shoe without 3M maybe it’ll be accepted. So it’s not surprising if the Adidas players receive a different NBA-approved version of the Yeezy basketball shoes.

Banned is the new hype?

We all know what happened when the NBA banned the Chicago Bulls black and red Nike Air Jordan 1s in 1985. Nike took advantage of that one NBA ban and today, it’s one of the most sought-after sneakers.

In a post, Kanye said that these new Yeezy basketball shoes have been in development for over three years. Furthermore, there have been almost 300 samples of this shoe made.

So what a bummer it must be, after all that hard work, for the shoe to be banned from the very thing it was created for. However, there’s still a chance they can make it during the last half of the season if they get approved by December.

The hard work put into this sneaker would really make it a rare one.

The Yeezy basketball shoes are expected to releases in 2019. And if you’re wondering how to cop, read our Apprentice 666 Guide to Copping Yeezys Manually Online.

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